T-Bird 57

P1000085 Speed Star 1.1425407  00 Speed Star 1.1447383  00 Speed Star 1.1416422  00 Speed Star 1.1443390  00

Pontiac 37

IMG_20130208_153655_877 IMG_20130208_153708_309 IMG_20130208_153721_434 IMG_20130208_153736_388 IMG_20130208_153855_528 IMG_20130208_153917_335 IMG_20130208_153931_112

Mustang 66

P1000050 P1000051

Mustang ’70

IMG_20121128_161812_198 IMG_20121128_161830_428 IMG_20121128_161847_444 IMG_20121128_161903_461 IMG_20130516_092906_767 IMG_20130607_171112_812 IMG_20130607_171052_030 IMG_8387 IMG_8391

Mercedes Green

Copy (2) of IMG_20130312_095112_758 Copy (2) of IMG_20130321_124946_421 Copy (2) of IMG_20130319_163124_953 Copy (2) of IMG_20130319_163144_791


IMG_0844 IMG_0863 IMG_0866 IMG_20130904_142405_729 IMG_20130904_142420_660 IMG_20130905_152347_047

1978 Chevy Luv

P1000711 IMG_0911 IMG_0914 IMG_0912

1973 VW Squareback

IMG_0917 IMG_0919IMG_8400  IMG_8398

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