Upon a vehicles arrival to our collision shop, our first step is to write a complete estimate of the damages. We gladly work in partnership with all insurance companies to provide optimal service and repairs in returning the vehicle to it original state before damage.

Estimate of Damage


While in our office we will provide our customers with free wifi, an always fresh cup of coffee and sweet treats. Our customers enjoy the luxury of having any rental needs taken care of by our accommodating and friendly staff and service partners at Hertz Car Rental or Enterprise for you.


We specialize in Mercedes Benz sunroof repair and guarantee our job! Any year or model is taken care of by our specialists. Please make an appointment for a complete inspection of your sunroof/moon roof for more accurate details.

Aside from repair we also provide services for collision prevention, that could be life saving. Foggy headlights do not shine light the way they are supposed to which make it harder for to see the road ahead.

It’s unsafe and dangerous for yourself and others, which is why we provide a top of the line cleaning service that makes headlights look brand new!


Wheel Repair

We take care for your vehicle


Our Wheel experts have been in the wheel industry for countless years repairing a plethora of of wheels. We also pride ourselves in being the first collision shop to provide a mobile service to our customers.